Storyline Committee 

Lucius “Lou“ Outlaw, Vanderbilt University 

Portia Maultsby, Indiana University 

Faith Ruffins, Smithsonian Institution 

Naomi Ande, University of Michigan 

Dennis Barrie, Barrie Projects, Inc. 

Leonard Brown, Northeastern University 

Mellonee Burnim, Indiana University 

CeCe Conway, Appalachian State University 

Douglas Daniels, University of California, Santa Barbara 

William Ferris, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Reebee Garofalo, University of Massachusetts 

David Grazian, University of Pennsylvania 

Fred Hay, Appalachian State University

Cheryl Keyes, University of California, Los Angeles 

Ted McDaniel, The Ohio State University

Reavis Mitchell, Fisk University 

Diane Pecknold, University of Louisville 

Guthrie Ramsey, University of Pennsylvania

Doug Seroff, Author and Researcher 

Deborah Smith-Pollard, Michigan State University

Jeff Titon, Brown University

Education Advisory Committee (EAC):

Dr. Andrew Hostetler (co-chair)
Norman Merrifield (co-chair)
Eric Dozier
Margaret Campbelle-Holman
Marquita Reed
Nita Smith
Rebecca Verner


Design and Audit Committee:

Exhibit Designers:
Gallagher & Associates

Harold Thompson Architect, Inc.

Project Manager:
The Don Hardin Group

Frasier, Dean & Howard, PLC