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NMAAM Member Highlight: Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas Interview:

As NMAAM launches the Development & Membership Newsletter called "Spotlight" this September 2022, we are highlighting NMAAM Member Michael Thomas! Enjoy the very first NMAAM Member interview.

NMAAM: What does NMAAM mean to you?

Michael Thomas: It’s like having another home!! Every time that I step inside the doors, I feel relaxed and leave the worries of work and the world outside. I also feel my Dad’s presence when I go to the NMAAM, because my Dad (Mitch below) was the first African American to have a TV dance show in the 50’s at WPFH - Channel 12 in Wilmington, DE.  He was also a DJ at WILM-AM (Wilmington, DE) and WDAS-FM (Philadelphia, PA).

NMAAM: What do you want people to experience when they visit NMAAM? 

Michael Thomas: I want folks to experience the richness and glorious history of African American music created by our ancestors and the struggles that they had to endure to become successful in the music industry. Visitors will embrace the past, enjoy the present musical trends and get a glimpse of the future of music and our rising stars.

NMAAM: What has been the most important membership benefit or experience to you? 

Michael Thomas: Being able to secure NMAAM tickets for my family and friends when they come to visit Nashville and being invited to special VIP events during the year!

NMAAM: What are some things you would like to see as a member?

Michael Thomas: The continuation of VIP events and receptions which is a great way to connect and network with folks from the Nashville area. I also would like to see a section of the NMAAM dedicated to the unique and exciting musical history of the HBCU marching bands. The various HBCU bands over the years have changed the musical landscape of the football halftime show forever!! Alumni and fans don’t leave their seats at halftime, but will walk around the stadium during the game!!!  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿˆ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽบ

NMAAM: What do you want people to know about NMAAM?

Michael Thomas: That the NMAAM is the place to be when visiting Nashville and it’s a great place for the family to enjoy, spent time together and to compare the different eras of music. There needs to be more family time together and the NMAAM will provide that to families. 


Thank you to Mr. Michael Thomas for your continued support to NMAAM. Want to be involved with NMAAM? Join NMAAM Membership for a chance to take advantage of the benfits like a feature in our Spotlight Newsletter. 

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