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Nissan Free Admission Wednesdays

Nissan recently renewed and expanded its commitment to offer the first Wednesday of every month at NMAAM free to the public from July 2022 to June 2023. The program aims to create access to the Museum’s immersive exhibits and programs for everyone. 

Nissan and NMAAM launched the program in early 2022 and received record attendance. On the final day of the offer, NMAAM shattered its attendance with over 2,100 visitors. July – September attendance for free Wednesdays has been averaging around 600 attendees but is expected to increase as we near the end of this calendar year.  

Nissan Free Wednesday dates for the rest of the sponsored period include October 5, 2022; November 2, 2022; December 7, 2022; January 4, 2023; February 1, 2023; March 1, 2023; April 5, 2023; May 3, 2023; and June 7, 2023. 

Posted by Isis Swink at 15:09