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5 Investments in Music Education You Can Make on #GivingTuesday

With over 1,100 local nonprofits participating in #GivingTuesday annually, it can be quite a challenge for our cause-minded friends in Middle Tennessee to decide where to allocate their investments to make the greatest impact.

The National Museum of African American Music focuses your investments on educating, preserving, and celebrating the central role African Americans play in creating the American soundtrack. Our vision is to become the global destination for music lovers of all generations. Outcomes include over 250,000 students, educators, and artists participating in our in-person and virtual education programs annually even before our physical space was opened in 2021.

Here are five proven investment strategies for your consideration.

1.      $100 – Expands music literacy through digital software to an entire K-8th grade classroom. 

When K-8th grade students participate in the in-person or virtual From Nothing to Something workshop series, they are exposed to early music innovations of African Americans through a digital curriculum, widening their creative and analytical skills. The program rounds out at $5 per student, therefore a $100 gift will expose an entire classroom of students to this dynamic music education program.



2.      $250 – Amplifies the visibility and sound of an emerging artist or band.

Poets and musicians alike enroll in the Emerging Artists Series to increase their brand visibility and performance opportunities while gaining industry-specific business skills and knowledge. Share a $250 gift to assist an artist with exposure.




3.      $500 – Sponsors a year-long masterclass for a gifted collegiate vocalist or musician. 

Through our Fine Tuning Masterclass series, aspiring vocalists and musicians on the collegiate level experience a blend of instructional, contextual, and theory-based practices designed to help them hone their skills and refine their personal style. A $500 investment makes this course meaningful for students seeking advanced literacy in monetizing creativity and artistry.



4.      $1,000 – Introduces a group of promising high school students to an entertainment industry production experience.

We impact roughly 25,000 high school students annually through Music Heroes and Legends when we select small groups from local high schools to develop and produce a music showcase. The students build leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills through interactive and engaging mentorship. Each student group needs $1,000 to produce a quality culminating production.



 5.      $2,500 – Trains a K-12 teacher in culturally competent music education. 

Educators from all over can participate in NMAAM’s Rivers of Rhythm Institute for Social Education, which equips teachers with the necessary skills to instruct students on the impact and influence of African Americans on music. A $2,500 gift will sponsor one teacher through the full professional development experience.


To propel each of our education programs and ensure the needs of the Museum are met, the BEYOND THE MUSIC ANNUAL FUND will need to generate about half of its $8.4M annual budget from private philanthropic support. Your annual gift will ensure our in-person and virtual visitor’s museum experience is exceptional, our educational programs are engaging and robust and our public programs have variety and reach audiences across the country.

This #GivingTuesday, please consider investing in the only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans. Your investment in NMAAM impacts music lovers of all generations. Give November 29th on #GivingTuesday or donate on our website today!

To donate to the National Museum of African American Music this #GivingTuesday, please click here. To find out more about visiting the museum and our programs, visit


Dexter D. Evans

Director, Donor Experience

National Museum of African American Music

(615) 709-0595 |

Posted by Isis Swink at 11:00