Objective of NMAAM

NMAAM has a strategic opportunity to become part of downtown Nashville’s tourism. The National Museum of African American Music will annually produce $12 million in new revenue, annually draw 200,000 new visitors, and provide more than 100 permanent jobs for the region.

To bring this idea to life, NMAAM launched a Capital Campaign back in 2014 with the goal of raising $25 million for construction, endowment, and initial operations. This is slightly more than half the amount of the project’s final cost. Already, more than 50% of this goal has been reached through early gifts from generous donors.

Opportunity to Support the National Museum of African American Music

It is your turn to join. You play a critical part in bringing this vision to life. In fact, if you have ever tapped your feet or clapped your hands to any form of music, you have already connected to the rhythm and soul of this museum. With an open heart and donation, you can help bring to life a place where the diversity of American music can be fully and wonderfully experienced.

[NMAAM Capital Campaign Brochure]

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